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Book no.1

32 pp., 9 b & w illustrations

5.5 x 8.5 in.

Present-day Brooklyn holds out the promise of the good life and all its benefits — but just can't compete with the old livid city of carnival amusements and tawdry spectacle.


High and low, past and present all intermingle in this Coney Island of the mind.

"A constant, creeping snap-shot of . . . ‘low’ New York. . . . Shoot the Freak is well-written and even better-considered." — Broken Pencil

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Book no.2

Traveling Light tells the dramatic story of a young woman whose carefully planned future is up-ended by her impulse-buy of a used car. Literary fiction with the pacing and suspense of a thriller, Traveling Light features two highly original women protagonists and a setting that readers don’t often encounter in contemporary fiction — the unique American subculture that is I-95.

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Book no.3
Mandelstam: Picture Show

32 pp., B & W

6.75 x 9 in.


Osip Mandelstam’s 1913 poem about the early cinema becomes a silent movie for the printed page in this fusion of text and image.


“Picture Show” is my rendering of the original “Кинематограф.” Mandelstam’s verse is a witty evocation of the kind of generic melodrama that would have been standard movie fare at the time. In a similar spirit, my artwork mixes original imagery with vintage movie stills, movie posters, and advertising for a very 21st-century mashup.


The poem was translated under the title “Silent Movie” by Robert Tracy in his recommended edition of Mandelstam’s first collection, Stone.

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Book no.4

Inspired by a real-life crime that shocked New York City in the late 1990s, The Night Friends unfolds in the shadowy netherworld of Central Park after dark. After a chance encounter, a lonely, troubled man becomes friendly with three misfit teenagers who see the park as their refuge — until a series of fraught misunderstandings leads to a nightmarish final scene of hallucinatory intensity.

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Book no.5

With David Tompkins
Xeric Foundation grant winner


24 hours in the life of JT. 100 years in the life of the city. A 68-page epic!


“A drunken night of Bukowskian decadence combined with an elegy to New York as the Eternal City …. An energetic mixture of Beat and pulp.”
— Matt Madden, The Comics Journal

Book no.6

Edgar Allan Poe returns to a New York City that’s as long-gone as he is. 16 pp. with stitched spine and hand-sprayed covers.


1st edition out of print.

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